How to Match your Roofing and Siding

Roofing and Siding are exterior components of your home. When these exterior components are formed in unison is when your home will truly stand out among the rest, and of course, drive up resale value. We will outline which Roofing Shingle by GAF will match the type of siding you currently have or will install.

The first thing you will want to think about is the house's style. Is it colonial, Tudor, cottage, beach, bungalow, etc.? Not every shingle will match every vinyl siding or cedar siding.

The second thing is colour and heat. Federal and Independent studies have shown black is warmer than any other colour for you roof. If you are worried about your roof becoming hot and causing attic and ventilation issues down the road we recommend browns, grays or even whites for your roof.

When choosing vinyl siding your choices are typically easier as vinyl does not hold as much heat especially when proper insulation in installed underneath. Your colour choice for siding is most likely not going to be black either.

The third thing you will want to take into consideration is your trim. You can always select two shades or tints from the colour of your roof and a lighter or darker shade could be used for your siding. The trim would be the opposite that your choose for your siding. Don't forget about your door either, make sure to choose a third contrasting accent colour for your entry door.

What if you have brick? The best advice is to choose colours that complement your brick, then move along to the paint or siding colours that are currently there. Try to not match the brick exactly, but if you have red brick, try a dark gray such as Pewter Grey from TimberlineHD or even a shade of green.

If you have multicolor brick or stone facades make sure to choose a simple roof colour that won't clash or overpower the rest of your homes look.

If you have vinyl siding that is a warmer colour, such as brown or tan the colour you will want to choose is another warmer colour to match such as; Barkwood, Hickory, Mission Brown, Weathered Wood or even Canadian Driftwood which is all a part of the TimberlineHD series.

If you have vinyl siding that is a cooler colours such as blacks, grays, blues and sometimes green, you will want to choose is another cooler colour to match. Some are; Pewter Gray, Slate, Birchwood and Charcoal which are also a part of the TimberlineHD series.

RoofingandSidingColour can trick the eye and play up the positive so it is very important to make sure you are choosing the right colour for your home. A helpful tool from GAF is their Virtual Home Remodeler. You can upload your own photo or choose one that is already pre-loaded that is similar to your home. Once you have chosen your preferred colour and shingle, call us at 519-268-6331 to get your free, no-obligation estimate.