Rustic Cedar Shake Siding

Love earth tones, towering fir trees and expansive picture windows? Our cedar shake siding offers all the looks of real wood with the durability and longevity of vinyl.

shake siding kaycan grey
shake siding kaycan green
shake siding kaycan blue


Canadian Made Quality

When something is made in our country you know you can expect a higher level of workmanship & quality.


Your Siding Matches You

With 29 colours to choose from for your shake siding, you can be sure you'll find something that's just right.

Extra Details

Matching corner posts complement any look and multiple unique cedar molding ensure each piece is a standout and naturally diferent from those surrounding it.

Strength & Durability

Built to Last. 

Our cedar shake siding is 0.90" inch thick to ensure your siding is strong and durable to withstand the Canadian elements.

Maintenance Free

This siding won't crack, rot or splinter the way wood siding eventually does. Cleaning is easy all you need is a hose and gentle soap.

Warranty Protected 

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can be confident this siding will last for years to come.


Hurricane Tested

Our Rustic Cedar Shake siding has been tested and is resistant up to 354 KM/H winds, so you're ready for any and every summer or winter storm.

Technology Working for You

Variable width keyways have been designed to expand and contract with temperature changes without opening or buckling.

Bring on the UV Rays

Helios® Vinyl Siding technology works to prevent fading and distortion effects caused by the intense UV light of the sun by reflecting and scattering heat. High pigment colours keep your siding looking great year after year.

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