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1st Choice Home Solutions offers Vinyl Siding in London Ontario and the surrounding area. No matter what brand, color, or trim that you select, we keep your price range and personal taste in mind. We only use professional and well-trained installers for every job.

Using Vinyl Siding is a very environmentally friendly choice when considering factors such as air pollution caused by production, fossil fuel depletion and the global warming impact. Cleaning and maintenance of vinyl siding only requires water, mild detergent and a soft cloth or soft bristled brush. The life expectancy of vinyl siding is a lifetime therefore it does not need to be replaced, reducing use of new materials.
Using Insulated Vinyl keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while lowering costs. It will allow moisture to escape and keep outside noises out. It will also feature SecureLock which ensures the joints are sung and uniform and a guaranteed durability. For added R-Value insulated foam backing is placed on each panel.

Levelwall reduces air infiltration and insulates wood studs, which eliminates energy transfer points. A straight, flat surface maximizes the appearance and performance of vinyl siding. There are over 1,000 breather holes in every square foot of Levelwall. These tiny holes enhance water vapor permeability without affecting rigidity. Many manufacturers skip this important step resulting in a product that traps moisture leading to mold or dry rot.

1st Choice Home Solutions provides many different shakes. If you are looking for specific siding styles there are plenty to choose from; the Traditional Horizontal, Vertical and Insulated, the Replica Stone , Scallop and Cedar Shakes. Click the style you are looking for, for more information.

Allow Us to Put Our Expertise to Good Use for your Vinyl Siding

With so many options for vinyl siding to choose from, it can be quite a daunting task trying to decide on the perfect option. Our experts work with you from the beginning of the process to the very end in order to help you decide on the absolutely perfect siding option for your home. We make sure that the job is always done perfectly to save you time and frustration.

If your siding is looking a little worse for wear, fill out a Free Estimate form or give your siding and siding installation in London ON professionals a call today at 519-268-6331.

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