Shake Siding

1st Choice Home Solutions Provides Many Different Shakes. Shake siding can be used on any home and will stand out in your neighborhood. If you are looking for the wood shake look but want something durable and long lasting, than shake siding is your best choice.

Novik Shake

Novik provides premium polymer, maintenance free, light-weight and easy to install siding. It will resist expansion and will not split, crack or rot under extreme weather conditions.

Staggered Edge

Novik’s Staggered Edge Shake panel creates a more natural and random looking pattern, with two different staggered patterns in each box.

Half Round

Novik’s Half-Round panel introduces the perfect, distinctive finishing touch that accentuates a home’s architectural elements.

Rough Sawn 8"

The Rough Sawn 8' Shake panel is the most popular of the NovikShake family. Its authentic detail provides a lasting, traditional look to any structure.

Rough Sawn

Novik's Rough Sawn Shake creates the rich, deep-grained look of real roughsawn shake, while adding performance and durability that will withstand the test of time.

Hand Split

The Hand-Split Shake panel presents the authentic look and feel of hand-split shake, for a rugged look that will stay just as beautiful for years to come.


Novik's Perfect Shake is the ideal choice for those who want a seamless and bolder look, and an alternative to regular vinyl siding and wood composite siding products.

2019 Shake Colours

colour availability may change.

Foundry Shake

The look of real cedar and stone, with no real maintenance.


Split shake is manufactured from molds made of genuine cedar, giving it a warm, authentic texture. Scores of distinct cedar molds are used to achieve a hand-split appearance with random grooves and grain. A deep texture creates a captivating contrast between light and shadow.


Dramatic and rugged, staggered shake siding features irregular butt ends, pronounced grain lines and varied widths. Long lines and random keyways add to the authentic, textural effect. Diverse, rough-hewn cedar molds are used to avoid patterns or repetition, ensuring the look of genuine cedar.

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