What are Soffits and how does it help the home?

Do you know what a soffit is or how it helps your home?
A soffit is beneath the roof’s overhang and it can have small holes or it can be solid. It can be wood or vinyl, sometimes insects or critters can be seen going through the small holes.

RoofingInformationSoffitsThe purpose of a soffit is  generally used to draw out the warm air and allow moisture to stay away from the home.

There are two style options for soffits.
You can have vented soffits which will allow the attic air to cycle through the vents.
The other option is solid soffits that can be used as an accent but only if a vented panel is not necessary.

In order to keep your soffits in good shape, you will want to inspect your soffit for rot, peeling paint, or other signs of weather-related problems. You will also was to  check for bees, hornets, or wasp nests around your soffits.

soffitsThere are many materials that can be used for soffits; vinyl, wood, fiber cement, aluminum and more. You will want to make sure you are choosing the right material and style for your home before installing.



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