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Two Wiseline Steel Panel Styles - Built with Durability in Mind


The Tuff-Rib is an extremely durable material with a baked on paint finish, meaning it will last the lifetime in different weather conditions. Tuff-Rib will match any type of siding you may have on your home including replica stone, vinyl and wood.

Diamond Design

The Diamond Design can be installed vertically or horizontally and is a trusted material for homes, pole and frame barns as well as garages cementing its status as durable and reliable. This steel panel is ready to work as hard as you do.


Never Re-Roof Again

Wiseline's steel tile series is built to last with a coating of zinc-aluminum. You can count on our materials and workmanship warranty for decades of protection.


Reduce Your Energy Bills

Reflect sunlight keeping your attic and upper storey cooler and reducing your air conditioning bill. The same technology that keeps your home cool in the summer works in the winter by reducing  thermal emittance to keep warm air in your home where it belongs.

Return on Your Investment

 When you do relocate and sell your home you can be confident that Wiseline steel tiles will add resale market value. With a 40 year Ltd. materials warranty you have guaranteed value and protection now and in the future. Trim and accessories are also available in exact colour matches.

Strength & Durability

Decades of Durability

The Perspectra Plus Weather XL™ Coating System maintains your roof's gloss and colour retention for decades. No cracks. No chips. No rotting. No peeling. No acid rain wear, fading or chalking.

Made with Nature's Strongest Materials

29 Gauge high tensile steel provides the protection to ensure your home and buildings withstand hail and high winds.


Rust-Proof. Period. 

GALVALUME coated to prevent corrosion so your roof retains its colour for decades.

Wind Resistant

 Wiseline steel panels resist wind in a way no asphalt shingle can as well as performing better in local conditions through rain, hail and snow.

Pest Proof 

Stop moss and fungus in its tracks. Keep out insects and other pests with steel tiles that can't be lifted or compromised by animals.

Rest  Easy with Fire Resistance

With hotter summer temperatures and drier seasons you can be confident your home and buildings will remain safe with a metal roof helping you to resist brush and forest fires.



Wiseline steel panels are 100% recyclable. From production to end of life disposal, they use less oil products to produce and transport due to their lighter weight.

Reduce Landfill Waste

Between 2 and 3 tonnes of asphalt shingles go into a landfill every time a roof is redone for a mid-sized Canadian home. Over the course of just 50 years this steel panel roof would divert over 9 tonnes of non-biodegradable oil products.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Cut your heating and air conditioning bills by harnessing technology that works with you to keep air in and external temperature out.

Wiseline Steel Shingle Colours Collection

Additional colours available; White Liner, Galvanized Tuff, Blue Grey, Dark Brown, Galvalume

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