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Timberlake Vinyl Siding
D4 Marquis Profile Vinyl Siding Timberlake KayCan
D4 Marquis
T3D Classic Dutch Lap Timberlake KayCan Vinyl Siding
T3D Classic Dutch Lap
D4D Avanti Dutch Lap Timberlake Vinyl Siding KayCan
D4D Avanti Dutch Lap
D5D Elegance Dutch Lap Timberlake Vinyl Siding
D5D Elegance Dutch Lap
D5 Contesa Timberlake Vinyl Siding
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Canada Proud

As the only siding manufactured in Canada, our KayCan line of vinyl siding is made by certified craftsmen from raw materials to manufacturing. It's workmanship you can count on.

Timeless Neutrals

Available in 17 soft neutrals, the Timberlake vinyl siding collection has colours that will match tastes and styles for years to come keeping your home stylish and up to date.

5 Profiles

The 5 varying profiles allow you to customize the look of your siding in widths from 3" inches up to 5" inches. The subtle wood grain texture delivers a realistic and tidy look suitable for any type of home and style.

Strength & Durability

Built to Last. 

Built of premium gauge PVC for added strength and durability so your vinyl siding stays securely attached for decades.

Technology Working for You

Duratron®is the specialized process by which this siding is manufactured. It uses virgin PVC resin for superior durability, heat distortion agents to prevent the "oil-canning" effect caused by the sun and impact modifiers to help your siding resist temperatures 25 degrees below zero.

Easy Maintenance

Timberlake vinyl siding is easy to take care of when you don't have to worry about rotting, splitting and inspect damage. All you need is gentle soap and a garden house to clean your siding.

Weather Ready

Never Fear the Sun

With Helios® colour technology, this vinyl siding collection is protected from the sun by thermal diffusion agents which work by scattering and reflecting heat and UV rays so your vinyl is undamaged. This is done by fusing an acrylic layer to a vinyl base.

Stays Strong

Timberlake vinyl siding in this collection will never crack, chip, rot, split apart or need to be painted.

Reduce Waste

100% of waste generated from this collection of vinyl siding is reground and re-inserted into the manufacturing process.

The Timberlake Vinyl Siding Colour Collection

Azure Blue Board & Batten Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Azure Blue
Bisque Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Clay Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Flagstone Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Ivory Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Khaki Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Linen Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Mocha Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
pebblestone vinyl siding colour kaycan
Beige Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Sage Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Sandalwood Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Slate Grey Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Slate Grey
TerreVerde Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
willow vinyl siding colour kaycan
Willow Green Prova Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan
Willow Green
White Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan

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