Transform your home with a Skylight

Transform your home with a Skylight, which is also referred to as a roof window. There can be a lot of pros when it comes to have a skylight installed.

When you have a skylight installed, it allows natural light to come into the home, which has been proven to boost creativity and happiness. You will want to be cautious on where to place the skylight in the home. If it is in a location where the sun is directly on the skylight for most of the day it will heat up the room.

If it is in a location where it allows light but not direct heat, it will lighten up a darken space which is great for the winter. For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), getting an adequate level of UV-rays is essential to good physical, emotional and mental health throughout the winter seasons.

There are many different styles of Skylights that can be installed; Solar Powered Venting, Electric Venting, Manual Venting and Fixed, which you can read about them here.

If you are looking to increase light in a darker area of the home, contact us, and we will recommenced where to have the skylight installed and which skylight style would be best for you. 1st Choice Home Solutions is also a certified Velux installer, so you can have peace of mind when we install you skylight.