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Urbanix - Aluminum Siding

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Urbanix profile aluminum siding
Urbanix PAnel Texture Detail Aluminum Siding


Canadian Made Quality

Our line of KayCan Urbanix aluminum siding is 100% Canadian from raw materials to manufacturing. As the only Canadian vinyl siding manufacturer you can trust this line to be created using certified and professional craftsmen.

Go Modern & Bold.

Available in 13 colours formulated with Colourfast™ to prevent fading, yellowing and heat retention. This siding will maintain its sleek and bold colouring for years.

Contemporary Profile

Urbanix aluminum siding offers a smooth flat profile to complement the sleek and angular lines of the modern style.

Strength & Durability

Built to Last. 

Built 0.047" inch thick to outlast every winter and offer premium durabilty.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminum is easy to take care of when you don't have to worry about rotting, splitting and inspect damage. All purpose soap and warm water are all you need to clean your siding.

Weather Ready

Let the Sun Shine On

The Urbanix aluminum Woodtone collection boasts a 3 coat paint system starting with a thermosetting polyester base-coat, fluoropolymer ink then a polyester clear coat. Solid colours have a therosetting primer and thermosetting polyester coating.

Stays Strong

Aluminum siding in this collection will never crack, chip, rot, split apart or need to be painted.

Reduce Waste

As a metal product, at the end of its lifetime the product is 100% recyclable.

Urbanix Aluminum Siding Colour Collection

Black Urbanix Aluminum Siding - KayCan
Brushed Pewter Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Brushed Pewter
Carbon Black Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Carbon Black
Charcoal Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Commerical Brown Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Commerical Brown
Gothic Grey Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Gothic Grey
Grafton Grey Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Grafton Grey
Harvest Cedar Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Harvest Cedar
Rockwood Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Rustic Granite Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Rustic Granite
Silver Bullet Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Silver Bullet
Soho Grey Urbanix Aluminum Siding KayCan
Soho Grey
White Vinyl Siding Colours KayCan

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