Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Our Skylights comes in four different styles; Solar Powered Venting, Electric Venting, Manual Venting and Fixed. When a skylight isn't possible a sun tunnel can add natural light to areas such as hallways and closets.

Three layers of water protection include a deck seal, an adhesive underlayment and step flashing to ensure the seal around your window remains watertight for years to come.

Multiple skylights in a kitchen or living area is a great way to add value and natural light to common areas.

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Skylight Details

Fakro skylights use specialty spacers between glass panes to ensure condensation does not form between the panes. A perimeter gasket under the skylight's frame provides an extra layer of insulation between the skylight frame and roof decking. Fakro skylights range in size from 25.5" square up to 25.5" by 73.5" and a variety of shapes and sizes in between. They can also be manufactured in over 200 colours.

Our Velux line of skylights uses laminated glass with Neat® glass coating to keep your skylight clean longer. This series reduces external noise 25% more than other skylights and includes a 10-year warranty protecting you from hail damage and cracking. For both deck and curb mounted skylights, there are 3 layers of water seal protection. Both series are available in fixed, manual opening, electric opening, solar opening and domed for flat roofs.

Sun Tunnel Details

Fakro Sun Tunnels are available in 10" inch diameters up to 33" inches and depth ranges from 15" inches to 60" inches. Our Velux line of sun tunnels is made with a laminated Neat® glass coating to keep your glass cleaner, reduce noise 25% more than standard sun tunnels and a 10-year hail warranty. This series' diameters range from 10" inches to 22" inches with four types of flashing on rigid models for maximum light.

Strength & Durability

Warranty Covered

We are proud to offer a 10 year warranty on Fakro materials and workmanship in addition to a 30-year hail warranty on tempered glass skylights. Our Velux line of skylights and sun tunnels offer a 20-year warranty on seals, 10 years for parts, 10 years on hail for laminated glass and 5 years for controls.

Easy to Use 

Solar Powered and Electric Vent Skylights require little wiring and the solar model comes with an acoustic rain sensor to close the skylight in inclement weather. Manual models have an optional control rod for out of reach operations.


Three Weather Seals

For deck mounted skylights a pre-attached deck seal provides a seal between your frame and roof. An adhesive underlayment acts as a secondary barrier and engineered flashing serves as your primary outer defense. For curb mounted skylights an adhesive underlayment waterproofs the curb, engineered flashing acts as the first line of defense and a curb gasket on the inner frame provides an airtight seal that requires no caulking.

Excellent Energy Ratings 

Our skylights and sun tunnels use energy star compliant glass to keep external temperature out when the window is sealed shut. Thermal flashing improves the R-value, or the thermal resistance of the wall around the window up to 10%.

Let the Evening In  

Our Fakro skylights include mosquito screens so you can have your windows open day and night without fear of letting bugs in.

Our Skylight Collection

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Our Sun Tunnel Collection

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