Velux Sun Tunnel

Velux Sun Tunnel is ideal for small spaces, such as bathrooms, hallways and walk in closets. The purpose of sun tunnels is to direct the bright natural light into the space below. It is the best solution for small rooms and is very energy efficient.


The Velux sun tunnel will capture the sunlight above your home and travel through a highly reflective tube which is than distributed into your selected space.

Energy Efficient

No need to open the curtain to let light and heat from the sun in.

Night Light

If you would like to use the Velux Sun Tunnel as a night light you can choose the electric night light kit.


Flexible tunnels are recommended when installation around large obstacles such as HVAC, plumbing, multiple trusses etc.


You can choose a lightblock shade with allows you to manually block the light or you could get one of three diffusers.


Rigid tunnels provide the best light output. It is quick and easy to install.

Sun Tunnels can dramatically change a room. They’re the fastest way to add natural light and the feeling of openness to those dark spaces. They are easy to install with no structural changes to the house.

Sun Tunnel Velux London Ontario

Sun Tunnels are a great choice when a skylight is not a option however there is currently a known issues where bugs are being trapped in the tunnel and are unable to be removed. Unfortunately 1st Choice Home Solutions are unable to rectify this issue with the Velux Sun Tunnel.


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There is a lot to think about when choosing a Velux Sun Tunnel. Choose 1st Choice Home Solutions as your Velux Certified Installer.

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