The Beauty of Traditional Stone Masonry Siding

Add a rustic natural look to your home with our Replica Stone siding, which combines the look of stone and the durability and strength of vinyl.

versetta stone siding kaycan
stone siding kaycan

Our Replica Stone Siding Colour & Style Collection

Dry Stack

Our Novik Dry Stack Stone series offers the intricate detail of precision-laid dry stack stone. This style looks great for homeowners looking to create a modern style. 


This Stacked Stone panel faithfully renders the natural and hand-laid look of stacked stone masonry at a fraction of the cost. 

Hand Cut

The Hand-Cut Stone series creates the depth and personal touch of hand-chiseled stone and is available in a palette of 4 natural colours. 

Premium Hand-Cut

Novik Premium Hand-Cut Stone's elegant contours create a clean yet sophisticated look, capturing the beauty of a hand-chiseled texture as unique as the home it adorns. The premium collection offers 3 high quality colours. 

River Rock

The River Rock collection offers the natural look of stones polished smooth by water, creating a warm and naturalist style suitable for a variability of tastes. 


Novik Fieldstone combines hand-hewn stones of various sizes and shapes into a harmonious pattern. It provides a rustic appeal available in 3 earth tones reflecting today’s trends.

Hand-Laid Brick

The look Hand-Laid Brick is truly timeless, adding stately distinction and refinement to any home.

Deco Hand-Laid Brick

Deco Hand-Laid Brick combines the traditional beauty of brick with a contemporary urban color palette for a look that brings tradition into the 21st century. 

The Lodgestone Colour Collection

lodgestone collection versetta stone siding series

The Tight-Cut Colour Collection

Tight-Cut Collection Versetta Stone Siding Series


Canadian Made Quality

When something is made in our country you know you can expect a higher level of workmanship & quality.


Your Siding Matches You

Select the rugged Ledgestone siding series to invoke a well-worn look that showcases weathered rock or the Tight-Cut siding series for the traditional look of quarried limestone. Each collection has 7 colour palettes to create the perfect natural look.

Extra Details

Matching corner posts complement any look and multiple unique cedar molding ensure each piece is a standout and naturally diferent from those surrounding it.

Strength & Durability

Built to Last. 

Our Versetta stone siding panels are 2 feet square and 17 lbs. each so you can be confident they're sturdy enough to keep with up with the Canadian elements.

Maintenance Free

This siding won't crack, chip or fall apart the way stone siding eventually does. Cleaning is easy - all you need is a hose and gentle soap.

Warranty Protected 

A 50-year limited warranty with one-time transfer for our Lodgestone & Tight-Cut Collections ensure you and your family know your siding will last for decades to come.

Weather Ready

Hurricane Tested

Our Versetta Stone siding has been tested and is resistant up to 177 KM/H winds, so you're ready for any and every summer or winter storm.

Reduce Landfill Waste

Composed of a minimum of 50% recycled materials as validated by UL Environment™, this long-lasting stone siding helps you contribute less to landfills over the lifetime of your home.

Bring on the UV Rays

Helios® Vinyl Siding technology works to prevent fading and distortion effects caused by the intense UV light of the sun by reflecting and scattering heat. High pigment colours keep your siding looking great year after year.