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Weiser Electronic Lock


Introducing Weiser Electronic Lock, the Keyless Door Locks. We offer 5 different styles to choose from, Including the revolutionary Kevo. All styles, excluding Kevo, can be unlocked with a keyless touchpad or a key. If you are looking for a quick and secure way to enter and leave your home the keyless locks are your most convenient choice. You can assign family and friends certain codes and be altered when someone is trying to guess your or your guests code.


You will no longer have to search for your keys in you purse or have them sit uncomfortably in your pocket, when you enter your home all you ‘ll need to do is punch in your personal code. When you are ready to leave your home you can smart lock the door with just one push of the button. No more hassle for those busy days. You have full control over the access to your home, you can assign a temporary smart code to whoever needs one and delete it when you see fit. It is operated with 4 AA batteries and will complement and Wesier handlestets, levers and knobs. No hard wiring is required to install and comes with a back-lit keypad. Also includes SmartKey re-key technology.

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SmartCode5 Lever

The SmartCode5 Lever is best used for single doors, office, garage doors, basements, closets and many more. For increased security the door will automatically lock after 30 seconds. The SmartCode5 Lever is fully customizable and can hold up to 4 access codes. Included is a back-lit keypad and no hard wiring is required. Also includes SmartKey re-key technology, and is operated with 4 AA batteries.

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With the ability to have up to 16 user codes and a new sleek interior, the new SmartCode10 will match any Wesier knob, handlesets and levers to keep you mind at ease. No new screw holes are required and comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. It also includes a side locking bar it protects against lock bumping, which is a most common method burglars use. Also includes SmartKey re-key technology.

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SmartCode10 Touchscreen

Introducing the technology advanced touchscreen lock. The sleek metal design and tamper resistant interior offers up to 16 use access codes and SecureScreen – a patent pending security feature that allows fingerprints to be examined on the screen to keep the user codes safe.

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