The Weiser Lock Elements Series offers 4 distinctive door attachments. The Elements is your choice for affordable fashion doorware.

The Elements Series offers 2 Handlesets. Brentwood, which will create the strong first impression you are looking for while Kingwasy create the prestigious look. Both are at an affordable price with durability and long lasting finish.

The handle sets come with 3 different options. If you are looking for the look of Elements without any function, it comes with an inactive handleset that acts as a pull only.

If you are wanting just a deadbolt operated by keys, a double cylinder is offered with a latch bolt that is operated by thumb piece outside and a knob or lever on the inside. The most popular is a latch bolt operated by a thumb piece on the outside and a knob or lever on the inside. A Deadbolt is operated by keys on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.

The Elements offers a sleek styling for Levers. If you are looking for a keyed entry both levers lock or unlock by a key outside or by a turn button on the inside.

The Elements Levers are perfect if you are looking for privacy in your bedroom or bathroom, with a turn button on the inside that will lock or unlock an a outside lever that can be unlocked with an emergency key. If you are looking for regular use of these handles they will match any hallway or closet.

The Element series offers the familiar Fairfax knob, the traditional Beverly knob and the classic Yukon knob. If you are looking to add some familiarity and nostalgic to your bathroom, closet, bedroom or even storeroom, the element series knobs are the perfect selection.

Elements Handleset Series

Elements Handle Series

Elements Deadbolt Series

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