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Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks are becoming increasingly popular. They can even be programmed with your Smartphone. We will go through the advantages of installing an electronic lock and which one is best for your home.

The Electronic Locks are used in replace of a physical key, so it becomes a safer option for homeowners.

Benefits of Electronic Locks;

  • Ease of Use
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Never change Locks
  • Customization
  • Easy Installation

Weiser Smartcode 10
Weiser Kevo

The Weiser SmartCode has a feature where you can assign anyone a temporary code and delete it when you see fit and will hold up to 4 access codes. The SmartCode option runs on AA batteries as well. The Touchscreen SmartCode is tamper resistant and offers up to 16 unique access codes. It also allows fingerprints to be examined with the patent pending SecureScreen.

The Weiser Kevo is considered the evolution of the Key. It is a Bluetooth deadbolt that eliminates the need for a physical key and can use with your own Smartphone. If you do not own a Smartphone it also comes with a FOB. An added benefit is the ability to send encrypted eKeys to anyone you choose which allows you to be notified when they arrive. Kevo also works with Nest which allows the Touch-To-Open technology and much more.

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