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Weiser Kevo Lock

Weiser Kevo Lock has 2 different styles to choose from. The Kevo Smart Lock, which comes with 2 additional options and the Kevo Convert.

Weiser kevo Convert Kevo Convert is a conversion kit that will work with your current deadbolt to turn it into a smart lock. The deadbolt hardware stays the same on the outside of the door, and the inside is replaced with the Kevo Convert.  There is no hard wiring needed and only take a few minutes.

To use Weiser Kevo Convert, you will need to download the app which will lock or unlock the door. The app can send a notification when an eKey is used, which is sent by you to anyone you want to enter your home and you can always retract any access you give out.


Weiser Kevo

Kevo Smart Lock is a touch to open lock powered by your phone and Bluetooth. Weiser Kevo Smart Lock also works with the app on your smartphone and give access using eKeys.

Weiser Kevo Smart Lock also comes with 2 additional products, the Kevo Fob and Kevo Plus.


Weiser Kevo FOBKevo Fob is for convenience as it can stay in in your pocket or purse and can operate up to 25 Kevo smart locks.



Weiser Kevo PlusKevo Plus is remote access to your lock. You can keep track from work or away on vacation, on who is coming and going in your home whether its a service provider, family or even a neighbour. You will never have to worry again if you locked the door on your way out.



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